Why your Business Needs Digital Explainer Videos

By | August 27, 2023

These days, it has been proved that video is one of the best form of digital marketing. In fact, it can easily attract and gains the attention of the potential customers. In order to prove this, there are number of statistics which shows that 60% of the marketers uses video for their marketing. Additionally, if you will attach the video in an email then it can increase 200-300% click-through rates.

Explainer Videos

What is Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are created to provide detailed information about any product or services. Even more, it will also demonstrate how you can use the product to resolve your issues. You can say that explainer videos are extremely effective which helps the customers to purchase the correct product. According to a report, 77% of the customers says that they are convinced to the product and 74% of the users learns more about the product. There are many factors responsible for the effectiveness of the explainer videos. The important points are mentioned below:

Clarity: These videos have clarity which does not confuse the viewers and helps them to understand the difficult concepts easily.

Engagement: Digital explainer videos are highly engaging which can bring the right audience and convey the message regarding to the product.

Reach: Every business or product wants to go viral. If your content is presented in the right way then viewers will also share it.

Traffic: If your explainer videos has all the correct elements then it will definitely drive more traffic on the website.

Retains Information: It is a human tendency which remembers something they saw as compared to read or heard. So, these videos can remain long time in the memory.

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