Importance of Recruitment Videos for Talent Acquisition Strategy

By | August 12, 2023

Mostly, people tends to remember the visual stimulas more when the content is appealing as well as engaging. According to the experts, people remember 65% of what they see as compared to what they read or hear. You can apply these important facts on the recruitment videos which is capable to engage the potential candidates for the company.

Recruitment Video

What is Recruitment Video?

Recruitment video is deemed as the video which is capable to convey the opportunities as well as culture of your company. These days, it has became the important part of successful talent acquisition strategy. We are providing important tips which can make your recruitment video more attractive and impactful. The main points are given below:

Answer All Questions of Candidates: You need to focus on the common questions which are asked by the candidates and try to answer them in your video.

Make it Fun: You can also show you a typical day at work in your recruitment video. The 360 degree video of the company will help the candidates to set the right applicant.

Try to Keep it Conversational: No one wants to hear the one sided mission or vision. So, you can anticipate questions and make a conversation with the viewers.

Showcase the Company Culture: You can showcase all the celebrations of the company or movies session. You can also add positive sarcasm as well as subtle humor.

Call to Action: You can also add call-to-action button which can help the candidates to check the openings and apply for the position easily.

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